Bolton Muslim Girls' School

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Year 7 induction day 2

Important information for Tuesday 5th of September 2023
Welcome to BMGS, we are delighted you have chosen our school. It was lovely to see you all on Thursday 6th of July and we hope your daughter had a lovely day with us.
We look forward to welcoming your daughter on Tuesday the 5th of September. Please ensure your daughter arrives to school for 8am.
Your daughter should arrive in full school uniform as we will have photographs at 8.30am.
After this your daughter will be taking part in lots of physical activity, we have a company coming in called UK Military School, who will be performing a variety of team building activities with your daughter.
Your daughter will need her PE kit for team building activities. We advise that your daughter brings her PE kit with her or wears it under the Jubba.


We look forward to seeing you again in September.

Meet your head of year

Coming soon!

Admissions information pack

Year 7 Learners will be due to be in school on Tuesday 5th September at 8am for their second induction day.

Online safety

Hear from our digital leaders ambassadors. At BMGS all learners have a device and we monitor its usage. We take online safety very seriously and have a team of teachers and learners on hand to help you.

Meet some of our leaders:

'Hey, my name is Bisma Tahira Manzoor and I’m a Digital Leader at BMGS. My role is to make sure everyone is having a great time online in our school environment. However, we all know that it can be difficult sometimes to voice your concern. With technology advancing more and more different problems can have a negative impact on some teenagers. Therefore, at BMGS the Digital Leaders take a courageous approach, developing innovative solutions with our team, and strive to use creative approaches to solve tomorrow's problems today.

Remember that you can achieve all the things you set your mind to and most importantly, be yourself!'


My name is Merab Naseem, I am a Digital Leader BMGS. We welcome you whole-heartedly and I hope you know you are being invited to be a part of a family and a caring community. We understand settling into a new environment may be a little difficult however, at BMGS we have the ‘Wellbeing Hub’ where Digital Leaders, Be kind to my mind champions and Anti-Bullying ambassadors are available to give you advice. We as Digital Leaders are noticeable by our blue high –vis jackets. You can approach us any time and we will advise you and if needed escalate pass onto to Miss A Patel (E-safety lead ) for further support. We look forward to seeing you in September!'


'My name is Mubeena. As a Digital Leader, it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone is aware of online safety and that everyone is safe when using the Internet/School devices. At Bolton Muslim Girls School we are trained by Childnet Digital Leaders Platform which is a student leadership training program that trains young people to educate their peers about online safety. When a learner is experiencing difficulties online or needs more information regarding online safety, we as a Digital Leader assist them. We are based in the Wellbeing Club in AG1 every Monday during break time so If anyone needs any support can come to talk to the team . We also have advice booklet and guides to help you manage any online related stress/ anxieties you may have. Our E-Safety report box also allows you to report any issues anonymously and Miss Patel (E-Safety Lead/Head of year) will make sure essential steps are taken to resolve the issue!'