Bolton Muslim Girls' School

Welcome to Year 9

Welcome to the year 9 page. The head of year 9 is Mrs Mogra.

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Assalamo’alaiykum, my name is Mrs Mogra, I am a science teacher and the head of year 9.   

It is my top priority to ensure that our learners are happy, safe, and enjoying their journey with us. I am passionate about providing high standards of pastoral care by supporting and guiding our learners to become successful Muslimah’s of our future and instilling our school values and the sunnah’s and characteristics of our Prophet SAW in their daily lives. 

Year 9 is a crucial year where our learners will have their options to pick their subjects they are going to carry through to GCSE and start thinking about their future careers. My role is to guide students through this important year academically but also socially and personally to overcome barriers to their learning. To provide support and encouragement that will ensure they make excellent progress and choices that will enable them to continue to build on the good foundations of knowledge and skills they have acquired in Key Stage 3 and prepare them for their transition into key stage 4.  

I have an open-door policy and I am always available on hand for our learners to listen and support them to help overcome any issues they have. My aim is to operate a firm but fair approach allowing students to be happy, safe, and successful.  

I am also the online safety/E-safety lead. I promote online safety awareness around school with the help of my Digital Leaders to ensure that our learners are safe online. Our learners have a basic awareness of being safe on online platforms. They know that passwords should be kept safe, and not to speak to any strangers online. My Digital Leaders and I are fully certified and trained to provide support to learners experiencing issues online.  

Bullying is a widespread problem online, but it is not any more acceptable online than it is in real life. If learners have witnessed bullying or is being bullied online themselves then I hope that learners can approach me or my Digital Leaders so we can deal with their issues immediately.