Bolton Muslim Girls' School

Summer School 2021

BMGS held a summer school for the first week of the summer holidays for new Year 7 learners.

All learners were invited to attend the sessions which were run by 'Positively Mad'. These included Numeracy and Literacy sessions along with team building activities, sessions on resilience and also goal setting.

Almost 100 learners attended at a cost of just over £31,000 for the week, which was paid for through the Government Summer School Programme.

Feedback from the learners:

'I have learnt how to improve my memory and this will be very helpful towards my learning'.

'You helped me with revision, and I am thankful'.

'The lessons were fun and the mind map made it easy to learn by heart'.

'I enjoyed the Japanese counting and building sentences'.

'I enjoyed learning and memorising about Marco Polo's journey/life'.