Bolton Muslim Girls' School


Reporting an Absence

In an effort to ensure accurate daily attendance register, please be sure to report student absences as soon as possible. To report an absence to the Attendance Officer: All absences should be reported to the school by 8:00 am.

  • Call 01204 361103 and press 1
  • Provide the following details — Full name, D.O.B., Reg Group and reason for absence

Mrs Ali's (Attendance Officer's) answering machine is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, If no one picks up, please leave a message. Alternatively you can send a message through ClassCharts, send a message to the school or email Mrs Ali on
Failure to report an absence may result in your child having an unauthorised absence which may lead to a fine.

If! You Know You Will Be Absent (Pre-Arranged Absences)

Parents must contact the Mrs Ali, prior to the date of the Learner's absence. Also, learners need to make arrangements with their teachers to obtain homework assignments.

If leaving early for any other reason (doctor’s appointment, etc.), one of the learner's parents must call Mrs Ali prior to picking the learner up. Learners are not allowed to leave the school premises by themselves, parents must pick them up.

Late to School

If a learner arrives once the 8:15am bell has rung, they need to report to the main office and sign in prior to going to their class.

Parents have an obligation to ensure their child attends school regularly, and on time. Please bear in mind the effect being late has not only on your own child, but the negative impact such disruption can cause on your child’s class too. If a child is 10 minutes late every school day they will miss a staggering 5 days of school over a year.

Failure to follow these procedures may result in disciplinary consequences.