Bolton Muslim Girls' School

Learning and Achieving

The school curriculum lies at the heart of every school, feeding and nourishing the learners.

We at BMGS pride ourselves in offering our learners a distinctive broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is not only to nourish the body but also the soul and hence our curriculum expands across all the National curriculum subjects and has imbedded in it an Islamic dimension to enable our learners to achieve success in this world and the next.

The school curriculum is varied and flexible promoting all round development of the individual. Further, our curriculum is constantly evolving and expanding to meet the demands of the fast paced world we live in and to provide a curriculum which is both challenging and accessible. When pupils enter in Year 7, they follow a compulsory range of subjects consisting of maths, English, science, RS, geography, History, Food Technology, ICT, Art and Design, French, Urdu/Arabic and PE. In addition learners also study, PSHCE, to prepare our learners to live as confident and upright British Muslims. In Year 9 learners experience a similar curriculum to Years 7 & 8 but with greater flexibility as they commence on the first year of their GCSE courses in ICT, RS, languages, humanities and technology.

We believe in giving each of our learners an opportunity to experience success and offer a personalized curriculum based upon their needs. Hence many of our learners achieve up to 5 GCSEs even before they start Y11. At KS4 we offer a mixture of vocational and academic qualifications and we work closely with parents and learners to ensure each of our learners has a personally designed curriculum to ensure all achieve their potential. Although we are a small school, our learners are able to access up to 20 different pathways and hence experience a wide range of subjects. We aim to inspire and motivate and as a result over 95% of our learners progress on to Further Education.

At our school, we aim to provide our learners with a stimulating, motivation and challenging learning environment and we achieve this through our team of teachers who are dedicated to delivering high quality learning experiences for our learners. Our staff are committed to sharing good practice; applying the latest teaching methods and making subjects come to life to ensure every learner enjoys a high quality learning experience.

We have a robust assessment and reporting system in place which enables us to track each learner through every unit and phase of their study and we share every stage of each learner’s progress with parents. Our tracking system, detailed programmes of study and assessment strategies mean that nothing is left to chance in achieving individual and collective success.

In addition to the core curriculum, our learners have the opportunity to access a range of extra-curricular activities to enhance and enrich their learning experiences. They are able to pursue their own interests and are encouraged to explore new areas.

Integral to our curriculum is developing our learners to give service to the local and wider communities and hence charity work is carried out on a weekly basis and our learners are encouraged to undertake voluntary work and forge links with local and international schools and organisations.