Bolton Muslim Girls' School

Arabic Teacher Council (Northwest)

Bolton Muslim Girls School is a host for the Arabic Teacher Council in the Northwest, which is organized and funded by the QFI, the Qatar foundation international, and led by Mrs. Fatima Mohamed, Teacher of Arabic language at Bolton Muslim Girls School.

The council started in January 2020 and has organized a few activities, workshops, and events for the Arabic teachers from Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackburn, Bradford, Chorley and Newcastle.

The aim of this council is to improve the standard of teaching Arabic language and culture across the UK and to create an awareness of this language and culture in the local communities.

So far, the council has organized workshops and training courses to the teachers of Arabic to share good practices in terms of teaching and learning strategies to improve the standard of teaching Arabic and to improve students’ achievement at GCSE and A level standard.

The council has also organized a session on “Boosting confidence in teaching” which was led by professionals in this field.

An Arabic culture day was held at Bolton Muslim Girls School in March 2019 and 2022 where there were many activities and Quizzes connected to Arabic language and culture, Arabian food and paintings. This event was attended by hundreds of local community members who appreciated the event and gave very positive feedback.

The council has also organized a few online sessions and training courses during the Covid period to keep in connection with the Teachers of Arabic and carry on with the updates of GCSE exam requirements.

For 2022-23, we have a list of activities and face to face workshops to raise standards and achievements of our students in terms of learning and performing well in the exam.

The Teachers of Arabic in this council has always been supported by the QFI and the British council by being invited to conferences in the UK and abroad.


Arabic Teacher Council